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Free Download! Art activity booklet to reduce isolation…

Published: October, 2021

Download ‘Create to Connect’, City Arts free PDF activity booklet. The specially designed booklets detail art activities that you can do at home, on your

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As a Co-op member select us as your cause ❤️

Published: October, 2021

  We’re delighted that Rushcliffe and Gedling Voluntary Transport has been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund.  As you can imagine, the

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Volunteering support helps Renee live her life

Published: October, 2021

Last month, a Rushcliffe CVS service user Renee and a volunteer driver Marion were interviewed by Integrated Care System Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, for their online

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Cleaners needed

Published: September, 2021

We are looking for enthusiastic and caring cleaning staff to join our Handy Housekeeper team. The role of our cleaners is to help support older

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Volunteer Drivers Needed

Published: September, 2021

We are looking for enthusiastic and caring volunteer drivers. You will help support older and vulnerable people in the community and will be the friendly

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